Our turnkey package includes Logistics, Administrative, Consultation and Operational support to ensure that your Droneport, Seaport, Spaceport or Vertiport is able to service your Company’s intended business requirements smoothly and efficiently. With over 50 years combined experience in Land, Sea and Air support on offer, the team at Droneport Solutions is ready to facilitate your specific requirements, and help your business to meet their goals in servicing the needs of the Global Industry.

Droneport Solutions

At Droneport Solutions we focus on meeting the commercial demands of the operator as well as the user. To this end we have developed tailor made packages, ready to be deployed, which cover:

  • Droneports
  • Drone Testing Sites
  • Drone in-flight Monitoring & Surveillance

Our complete Droneport Solutions package includes:

  • Rapid droneport deployment / set-up / dismantle / preparation and rehabilitation of environment
  • ATC monitoring, collision avoidance, drone testing sites
  • 24 hrs onsite service and support
  • Maintenance contracts

What We Do

Droneport Solutions specialises in the delivery of turnkey droneports globally. What does this mean? You tell us where you need to be, how long you want to be there, how many people you want to cater for and your requirements for droneport operations and we take care of the rest. You will not have to figure out how to dispose of sewerage, distribute power, water filtration, catering for your droneport, sleeping arrangements, satellite communication, temporary foundations, temporary roads, low environmental impact working platforms, storage, laundry and more. Droneport Solutions controls the entire process.

Droneport Solutions can offer the following equipment to enhance your Commercial Operation with the focus on Safety first:

Mobile Units

Equipped with items such as:

  • Air-conditioning,
  • Plumbing,
  • Solar panels,
  • Mobile communications,
  • wi-fi, tracking, etc.

Temperature Controlled Runways

Ensuring that the runway remains at a constant zero degree temperature no matter where you are in the world, your Droneport is able to always remain open for fixed wing drone business.

  • Temperature auto-Monitoring
  • Developed in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 requirements

Pro Aero Mats – Drone, Aircraft & Airport Solutions

Flexible hard standings, taxi ways, Aircraft landing mats (ALM) and recovery mats.

Regulatory Guidance

Facilitation with:

  • Airspace Management,
  • Regulatory Approvals,
  • Development of Commercial Operation Manuals
  • Specific Operations Risk Assessment analysis

Latest Innovations and Patents at Droneport Solutions

Redeployable Drone Runway Matting Systems

Breaking News: World’s first multi-purpose UAVLM can be placed on any surface, gravel, sand, mud, water including snow and ice.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Mat (UAVLM) Pro Aero Mats are assembled in a brickwork fashion to create a runway of any length and width; a complete runway can be assembled by an experienced team in less than 10 hours.

The matting systems feature a Composite and Aluminum raw material base to fit into all budgets.

As a multipurpose solution, the Pro Aero Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Mat (UAVLM) is suitable as ALM – aircraft landing mats, HL – Helicopter landing mats, workshop areas, RRR – rapid runway repair, AR aircraft recovery, and general infrastructure use. The Pro Aero Mats are unlike any other matting systems available globally.

Pro Aero Mats Capabilities:

Can be placed on any surface, gravel, sand, mud, water including snow and ice. Our patented technology offers marine landing capabilities, furthermore it offers a temperature control monitoring system that prevents the runway icing up.


Key Elements:

  • PRO AERO MATS: PRO ROAD TRACKWAY – Aluminium & Composite panels with load bearing rubber inserts to increase the load capabilities
    for various aircraft, that inter-lock to create the landing area.
  • STILLAGES – NATO & UN pallets for storage and transport; can be air portable on request, aswell as stackable.
  • INSTALLATION KIT – equipment required for installing and removing the Pro Aero Matting
  • Y-BAR & Z-PLATES GROUND ANCHORING STAKES – to secure the Pro Aero Mats to the ground.
  • MEMBRANE – a geotextile membrane that is placed underneath the Pro Aero Mats to supress dust/reduce brownout while protecting the mats.

Droneport Solutions, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Mat (UAVLM) can be constructed IN any width or length by simply interlocking the Pro Aero Mats to create a best fit solution for our global customers.

So what is the working relationship between these Products (Droneports, Drone Testing Sites, Drone in-flight Monitoring & Surveillance)?

The concept of “Droneport” has been introduced into the Aviation community by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to urgently address shortfalls in the infrastructure of emerging economies.

Drones are capable of delivering cargo and urgent medical supplies quickly and cheaply on continents lacking adequate road and railway systems. Not only can they service remote areas, but drones have the capacity of facilitating the needs and requirements of developed countries as well.

As an alternative to the conventional Airports which have been developed on a global scale, and which modern man in the 20th century has naturally implemented into their daily lifestyle, the introduction of drones and their versatility have introduced a concept that is expanding at a phenomenal rate.

No more is the average person in the street just using their Drone as a `flying for fun` commodity, instead they are sitting up and taking note of where they can meet the shortcomings of the working society.

Droneports in essence can be viewed as a `mini Airport which for now is focused primarily on the transportation of goods and supplies via a system that is cost affordable and efficient. In order to develop a Droneport, just as the case would be with the development of any Airport, there are certain testing requirements which need to be taken into account to achieve the optimum in operational performance.

This includes not only the type of drones being utilised to service the requirement of the industry, but the weather conditions and geographical location of the intended site where it will be located.

Take for example the unpredictability of crosswinds which can have a catastrophic effect on the final approach and landing procedure of any aircraft. In the case of an unmanned (remotely piloted aircraft) the primary objective as is the case of any aircraft is the capacity to accurately land under adverse weather conditions.

To add to the various crosswind landing techniques other conditions that are investigated to overcome possible obstacles or interference include:

  • inertial position and velocity
  • the high-bandwidth capabilities of direct lift control
  • payload factors,
  • emergencies.

In addition to assessing the flying characteristics of any remote piloted aircraft it is also important to have the necessary ground equipment to determine conditions such as:

  • Transmitter/receiver status
  • data link between the UAV and the control station for the purposes of managing the flight.

A suitable hard stand and runway is required in an environment that has been geared towards facilitating all aspects of Drone testing and analysis.

In accordance with the most recent version of the 2019 ICAO Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) which is geared towards runway type and condition utilised for both arrivals and departures Droneport Solutions is pleased to announce that we have the following resources available to you in order to provide the user with a runway that is self-sustainable and with the minimum of safety oversight required:

  • Pro Aero (Light) runway product – Has longevity qualities and is virtually indestructible.
  • Pro Aero (Heavy) runway product – Used originally as concessions in mining companies for periods up to 10 years without any damage or maintenance required.
  • Pro Aero (High Commercial) runway product – Aluminium based with a lifespan in excess of 25 years.

At Droneport Solutions we ensure that our products are managed by experienced  *ATC`s who are familiar with Aerodrome and Airfield operations. * Where an ATC cannot be provided to support the package purchased by a consumer Droneport Solutions can provide the necessary training to the designated party to ensure that they fulfil the relevant obligations of an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) dependant on that States local regulations and procedures.

It is the responsibility of the Aerodrome Operator to constantly monitor the ongoing conditions of their runways and record these results for all users. This is highly probable in controlled airspace due to ongoing inspections of the runway/s in use for any particular airfield however in uncontrolled airspace it becomes less likely due to lack of functional management structures.

Droneport Solutions can provide a rapid deployable solution for your rural/remote droneport needs. Droneport Solutions can mobilise a self-contained droneport in any size and is ready to ship globally.

In addition to this Droneport Solutions also has all the necessary infrastructure to develop your Droneport anywhere globally and we have all the necessary resources to mobilise whatever is required right now to meet your order specifications.  These include packages designed for:

  • A permanent fixture i.e. (A droneport in a remote location)
  • A mobile `plug and play` solution i.e. (A droneport that is used temporary to facilitate the transport of goods by air and then relocated as required)
  • A floatable runway option, entire droneport infrastructure elevated i.e. (A droneport to facilitate emergency situations such as torrential flooding, earthquakes, etc.

Whether you want to test a Drone at one of our pending Restricted Airspace sites or develop a Droneport and make use of our professional expertise, we can meet your facility requirements by providing packaged solutions that are just an email away.

Our Services

Herewith follows a summarised version of what Droneport Solutions has to offer to meet the requirements of our Drone related products on offer:

Access to site

  • Pro Aero Mat – Heavy duty (portable) aircraft runway systems – suitable for C160 cargo aircraft
  • Pro GRI Aero – Light duty (portable) aircraft runway systems – suitable for light aircraft
  • Pro Aero Drone Mat – light & heavy duty (portable) drone runway systems, from multi-rotor to missile carriers.
  • Pro Road – Portable reusable trackway, rapid deployable systems – suitable for any vehicle not exceeding 580 tons per axle
  • Pro Base – Exploration (portable) remote droneport foundations, with ducting for articulation
  • Droneport / Basecamp foundations (portable) recessed articulation for water and power requirements
  • Droneport flooring with recessed ducting for DB-boards and plug boxes

Droneport Solutions mobile droneport trailers

Infrastructure creating high-end practical deployment, aimed at rural droneports.

Our droneports consist of the following:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Laundry
  • Gym
  • Bar
  • Recreation areas
  • Clinic (first aid)

  • Site offices
  • Communication offices
  • Water filtration and sewerage plants
  • ATC control towers
  • Warehousing
  • Droneport monitoring

Droneport Solutions accommodation

  • Single tents with on-suite, *either soft sides or insulated panels
  • * Twin tents with on-suite
  • * Dorm tents with ablution block
  • Soft and hard door options
  • Expandable, left, right and double stories, portable, reusable & relocatable
  • Elevated off the ground in high rainfall areas
  • Air-conditioned
  • Bar fridges

Droneport Solutions can custom design ANY droneport or drone testing site in rural and remote areas, our COO Martin van Wyk, has more than 27-years’ experience in building camps for other industries in rural and remotes areas throughout Africa.

Design Types


Let Droneport Solutions help your commercial drone operation achieve flight now.

For more information: info@droneportsolutions.com

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